Mindy Henderson Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

 Mindy Henderson, North Texas Homes

"This program automates the tedious chore of narrowing the universe of possible comps for property valuations—but doesn’t hide information that seasoned professionals need to fine-tune their numbers.
Buy-and-hold real estate investing is about both the purchase price and the rental price. So many other models I’ve seen don’t provide the leasing data. This program seamlessly integrates both sales and leasing information into one easy to read report allowing investors to make better buying decisions."

Beca Osburn Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Beca Osburn,  Keller Williams Realty Allen

"MLS Deal Finder is not only an innovative but must-have tool for Real Estate agents who work with investors, I love it and quickly found a great property to submit an offer within days of signing up for the service. The format is easy to navigate, quick and frees up hours that I would be spending on the MLS evaluating deals and sending out CMA’s to my investors. Cannot go wrong with MLS Deal Finder!"

JordanZitoun Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Jordan Zitoun, Premier Property Marketing Group

"MLS Deal Finder has been a major blessing to me as an investor and as a real estate professional for clients of mine. The information comes quickly and is highly accurate. I appreciate that in this competitive market, time is of the essence and MLS Deal Finder delivers an outstanding product and delivers it with incredible speed. The deal flow that hits my inbox daily has been impeccable and I know it will contribute to many purchases and real estate sales in the near future. If I was a serious investor or agent who services investor I would not think twice about purchasing the product, I know it will pay for itself 10 fold."

Jack Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Jack Rockliffe-King,  Becker King LLC

"I’m blown away by MLS Deal Finder. They offer incredibly powerful business tools that give users a massive competitive advantage in finding daily deals. For companies working with serious investors, they will save you a vast amount of time – I can’t wait to see how quickly my business can grow now I can focus on my clients rather than a computer screen.The team at MLS Deal Finder have an unparalleled grasp of their market and their customer’s needs.  They have proven to be totally responsive to ideas for development and clearly want to ensure through exceptional customer service that they become a market leader. They will grow sustainably, nationally and beyond and I will be first in line to subscribe to their service in new markets as they expand.

Their pricing strategy represents incredible value for money. Get on board while you can or be left behind to wonder why you keep on missing the deals and losing your investors to me!

Thank you MLS Deal Finder – you have transformed my business overnight!"

Brett Caldwell Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

 Brett Caldwell, Broker Keller Williams

"MLS Deal Finder is a fresh, new, cutting-edge software that gives my real estate agents and investors more than just accurate data and valuations. It saves time and gives first mover advantage, which puts opportunity quickly into the hands of MLS Deal Finder customers."

Steven Thi Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Steven Thi, Real Estate Investor

 "After getting emailed just a few leads from MLS Deal Finder it was easy to see that this service has massive potential! There are always some great houses out there to make money on. Some people associate the difficulty of finding new deals with there being no deals out on the market, and that is not true.  The leads that I am getting from this service prove that there is still great 'investor" grade inventory out there.  I'm very happy that there isn't any unnecessary information in the emails I receive and the layout and comps are easy to understand at a glance. I need to be able to quickly identify if the property is something that I can move on or not without a lot of extra work. MLS Deal Finder is an inexpensive and fast way to generate New Real Estate Leads!"

Ted Laramore Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Ted Laramore, Remax Cross Country

After reviewing MLS Deal Finder, I was very impressed. As someone that flips properties and spends a lot of time searching for them. This tool should help me focus on the cream of the crop. Also as an active agent, I can set up very specific searches to send my clients so I don't have to spend all day comping out properties."

Dan Robertson Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Dan Robertson, Real Estate Training and Technology licensing School

"What I like most about this software is the ease of selecting comparables. I can read all the public and private remarks on the same page."

Jeff Ringnald Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Jeff Ringinald, Real Estate investor

"As a real estate investor it's critical to get timely notification about new listings that meet my investment criteria.  My Realtor used to sit by the computer and run a search for new listings 3 or 4 times a day.  Since finding MLS Deal Finder, he entered my criteria and now I'm getting more deals than I can handle sent directly to my inbox each and every day; within minutes of the listing agent entering the listing in the MLS.  I analyze the properties, decide which ones I want to see, and set up an appointment with my agent... Nothing could be simpler for me... or my agent."

Bruce Murphy Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Bruce Murphy, Real Estate investor

Your firm offers an EXCELLENT service for locating properties. The listings were current and plentiful.

Rod Hanks Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Rod Hanks, The Hanks Group

MLS Deal Finder is a fantastic technology. Because of its incredible speed and real-time analytics, I have been able to submit offers on great deals I otherwise wouldn't have been able to find. This is a must-have technology for any serious investors!


Patrice Deville, Keller Williams Realty

Hello Steve, just wanted to let you know I wrote an offer today for my investor client for a property I resulting from a Deal finder search. I'm loving what I can do with my limited training , lol.

Lea Zeqiri Testimonial MLS deal finder - Real estate investment software

Lea Zeqiri, Real Estate Investor

I got a ding from MLS Deal Finder at dinner last night with this address [3720 Nabholtz, Mesquite TX]. I called the agent, went over in the dark and I'm in title this morning. Thank you your software worked! 


Clair Cannon, Vivo Realty

The Automated email alert, which comes with automated comps, is an extremely useful feature. I found and saw a deal I otherwise would have missed - because of the automated emails alerts from MLS Deal Finder!


Christopher A Swift II, Real Estate Agent 

I wanted to formally thank you for your services. I found the deal of a lifetime sent by CMA this week. That being said I'm looking forward to the seminar next week! 


Mark Cope, MyDFWAgent.com 

The algorithm software is awesome.  Within 24 hours, I had an offer written which was accepted on a rare McKinney property!  I would not have looked there if it had not been brought up in your system.




Adriana Rodriguez

MLS Deal Finder is just GREAT! and now with the FastCMA is much better. Congratulation to the Team! Hope you would be soon in all the US! Thanks!!!


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