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Juan Carlos Cruz is an entrepreneur, real estate broker, and CMA expert. In 2002, he successfully sold his Yellow Page business as a platform investment to a PEG, which took the company nationwide. After the venture, he became a residential real estate investor and did about 200 deals buying and selling real estate investments. To be a successful investor he had to do thousands of CMAs. Over the years he has focused on creating algorithms and computer systems to automate and improve the creation of CMAs. He has become a national expert in the CMA and AVM (Automated Valuation Analysis) work. He has been able to understand how computerized systems can better assist the real estate agent / investor / consumer to increase productivity.


Steve Liang A Physicist Converted to an Expert in Residential Home Data and Valuations.

Steve Liang is a cofounder of MLS Deal Finder, a fast-growing software company focused on creating innovative automation solutions to real estate valuations.

Steve is a huge advocate for intelligence augmentation, and bringing automation to improve every aspect of our day-to-day life. He has been a speaker in multiple national conferences, most recently the Five Star Conference Force Rally.

UX Architect


Kathy Dang is a passionate UX professional specializing in conducting and creating UX research and design. She has over 10 years of experience in information technology, software engineering, web development and project management. Such diverse experience enable her to apply her knowledge and skills to improve end-to-end customer experience for CMABROKER.

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