• Real Estate Deal of the Day October 07, 2019

    Real Estate Deal of the Day October 07, 2019

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    Update: This property just sold since the recording was made.

    MLS Deal Property

    7603 Wilmerdean Street, Houston, Texas 77061

    List Price: $120,000
    Bed/Bath/Pool/Stories: 3/2.0/0/1

    MLS Deal Finder Estimated Value:                          $191,746
    MLS Deal Finder Estimated Discount:                      $71,746
    MLS Deal Finder Estimated Discount%:                   37.42%

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    Real Estate Deal of the Day October 07, 2019

    [Video Transcription]

    This is Real Estate IQ’s Deal of the Day. And today we have found a fabulous deal for you, in the Houston market.

    Hello everyone. Welcome to our deal of the day and today we are at the Houston Metro. So we're looking at this property 7603 Wilmerdean St. 77061. Now let's take a look at the details of this property. It's currently listed for 120,000 and has an estimated price or today's worth at 191,746 with a list price per square foot of $85.59 as The estimated price per square foot at $136.77. So if you can see that this property is just newly listed two days ago. Now we're looking at a one-story with three bedrooms two full baths and a two-car garage that was built in 1957 with a total square feet of 1402. Now looking at the nearby subdivisions and schools. This is at a school district 27 Houston. Lewis or Bellfort Academy for elementary Ortiz Middle, high school and Chavez high school. So you have here the property, MLS NUMBER, as well as the listing agent. So if you can see that as our public remark, it states that it has an excellent location for commuters. So this is just nearby downtown Houston, Texas Medical Center, as well as five to 10-minute-ride to Hobby airport. It did not flood during Hurricane Harvey. So for public remark. This is personally noted by the listing agent. Daryl. 


    Now let's take a closer look. Then of the Street View or say the neighborhood, our subject property. So let's just click on the map. So if you can see here, here's the map view and they're about says here are sold comps Toward our subject property. So let's drag the Google man. 

    On to where the yellow star is, and this is our deal of the day or subject property. If you can see, that's a quiet peaceful neighborhood there. See this view. And now we're looking at this side view. So it's just like near the industrial place. It gives us a reason why it has an estimated price of $191,747 because of the location that gives us an estimated price per square foot at $136. So let's now check on this sold comps if you can see that there are about three sold comps. 

    Though we have the two pre-selected comp, the same that's because of the distance as well as the recency days. Now, if you can see that the first sold comp price per square foot is at $128.84 with point 22 miles from our subject property and one of the 63 recency days. Sold property. Now we can also check the second pre-selected comp, is at $144 price per square foot with 0.05 miles from our subject property here. 

    With 191 recency days. So that means 191 days ago that our second pre-selected comp was sold. Now if you scroll down a little bit further. Here you can see the MLS as well as the public remarks of our sold comps, great location charming lovely home and a desirable neighborhood of Glenbrook Valley. architecturally striking true mid-century modern in the coveted 1956 parade of homes section, you'll also have here the listing agent's information name and phone number, of course, any additional instructions from our listing agents. 

    So now let's take a closer look at our subject property. Here is the exterior part, we can say that this is the backside of Our property, while it needs some re-does over especially the lawn. Here is the other side that needs some touches. If you can see over the roofing here as well as the pathway. Here is the interior. Needs some more work. Just a little work on the ceiling cracks even needs to paint the walls. Well, maybe a minor renovation. You already have your hardwood flooring. This has a good for the plan to work with and considering. Oh, there's a division that we can see here it's a brick wall division over our kitchen area as well as their dining, there is our living Each and those are some fancy white kitchen cabinets refrigerator. It's a tile countertop. Let me check, just really need some makeover and then rest assured that this will be a very good catch. 

    For our deal of the day. And we can see it here. Those are all also another kitchen or dining Oh, so this is dining that's separated from the brick division. So this is just the dining and then from the other side here, this part here is our Another dining as well. So they have separated it maybe this one's for guests, then let's take a look at the walls of the bedrooms are okay. Needs repainting over here some retouch. Just a little makeover. This is our bath. The flooring's already fixed for you as well as this room.Here's another bathroom for you. And here, see the huge lot outside are a huge place where and I could such as that, you know, maybe covered patio add some little Just like kids. 

    Let me check over here. Yep. So I think that's the last of our photo for a subject property. Now let's take a look at the pre-selected sold comps for you so you can actually compare it. See that nice patio over there. It's a pavement another brick wall, the House. The tree, though, is in a good location. Look at that laminated floor. Hardwood floor to ceiling and walls have already been done or repainted. So they have already done some major renovations. Here we can see a part of the work kitchen cabinets fancy white kitchen cabinets again. These are rooms. Here's the bath. That's cool. But now, that's what I'm talking about your fancy decent, white kitchen with white kitchen cabinets over dishwasher here are oven or microwaves. Looking for our countertops, as well. 

    And now let's proceed to our second preselected comp by our system. Needs some retouch over here. That's quite nice laminated flooring. Well, the window. They can see need some retouch the ceiling is already fixed as well as there's one brick fireplace brick finished fireplace there, over there is much dining. It’s the kitchen.So wow that's a fancy one.Granite countertop fridge, you have your oven here. So this also a good one. Here are the rooms and that's a huge place for the garage and use even a mini pool outside that just needs some touches. So it's a historical Home as described by the listing agent. 

    Now, why would we say that this is a good deal of the day, as he can see that the list price is only 120,000 that gives you an estimated price of 191,000 which gives you a generous amount of IQ discount or discount percentage of 37.42% As well as the Ikea discount that gives you $71,746 that's already including of the holding costs as well as your repair costs. So that's it for our deal of the day, and thanks for tuning in. Everyone happy deal-finding.


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