• Real Estate Deal of the Day April 17, 2019

    Real Estate Deal of the Day April 17, 2019

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    Update: This property just sold since the recording was made.

    MLS Deal Property

    12316 Holt Dr, Dallas, TX 75218

    List Price: $159,900
    Bed/Bath/Pool/Stories: 3/1.0/0/1

    MLS Deal Finder Estimated Value:                          $217,872
    MLS Deal Finder Estimated Discount:                      $57,972
    MLS Deal Finder Estimated Discount%:                   26.61%

    *Based on the following CMA: ARV- Subdivision

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    Real Estate Deal of the Day April 17, 2019

    [Video Transcription]

    This is Real Estate IQ’s Deal of the Day. And today we have found an awesome deal for you, in the DFW market.

    Hello, everyone. Thanks for tuning in. Today our deal of the day is at DFW area, found at 12316 Holt Drive, Dallas, Texas 75218. Looking at its detail, this house is residential type, single detached and found at Gaston Park. Year built at 1953 and square feet of 1665, lot size is less than 0.5 acre. So let's look at more details about this house or this property it, it has a list price of 159,900 and an estimated, estimated price after repair value of 217,872 giving us a gross discount of $57,972. So this property has also a good rental index number which is 1.1 and has an estimated monthly list price of $1,780. So as you take a look here, the original list price of this property is at $163,900 but this was reduced to $159,900 for some reason.

    So other details, this house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. No pool and no fireplace, and this is a one-story house. Okay. So looking at the comparables, the computer pre-selected number 3, number 4, and number 5, and number 6, based on the criteria that these 4 comparables belong to the same subdivision at Gaston Park. It has also a price per square foot higher than the residential or the subject property that we have. Looking at the distance, these comparables are within one-mile distance from our subject property. Okay, let's go down, down. The comparables list price ranges from 170,000 to $210,000 as you can see

    And I'm looking at each description. This property, number 3, as it's been described as completely redone or this has been fixed like maybe a roof, AC, the water heater, the new black slate appliances, the bathrooms, the kitchen, etc. So we will be looking at the pictures later on so that we will be able to see what are those fixes that they've done in this property. Another is property, number 4. It says here that it was all remodeled and ready for a new family. So this has a ceramic kitchen and bathrooms and some other things that were fixed in this property. So we will be looking at the picture of this property as well. Another one is property number 5. So here it was remodeled as well and ready for a new owner so it has remodeled the kitchen, bath, two large living areas updated energy efficient windows. And it says here recently replaced a roof, hardwood floors. So in some other good stuff that was fixed in this house. So yeah, definitely. We got to be looking at the pictures of this House so that we will be able to determine how it looked like. Another one is property number 6. It says here, this was also beautiful remodeled and looking at the description. It says here that it has a beautiful vent hood stainless steel, gas range, dishwasher, granite countertops, and tile backsplash so yep, we're going to be looking at the pictures as well of this property. Now, before moving on to the photo. Let's look at the map. All right, so here's our subject property in this yellow star. So let's like, let's try looking at one of the property leads. Let us look at property number 3. Okay.

    And so that we will be able to understand or be able to get an idea of how this neighborhood looks like. Okay, the fence is made of wood. Okay, so yeah, more iron. What are wooden materials are being used here? Yes, let's try moving. Somewhere here. Yep, I think the houses here looks the same. Right. And there are things that need to be done, especially when it comes to the fences. Okay, so now let's look at the photos of each comparables. Okay, so here is our subject property. Okay, so this is the outside. Let's try and look at some other side or angle this house. Okay, I think this is the bedroom with little things that need to be fixed in here. Oh. Yeah. The outside. Okay, Okay, so let's try property, number one, or the comparables but we try to look at its picture earlier because it says that it was remodeled as well. So let's look at the inside. Wow, this looks great. Okay. Good kitchen. And the bathroom. Looks good, as well. So it is in a white theme. Maybe you can add up some pictures in there to make it look beautiful. So add some colors might be. The bathroom. Okay, the windows. The outside of the house. Okay. that, that property looks good. Let's see. Number. Let's see property number 3. Right. The outside looks so clean, well maintained. Just the bathroom needs to be fixed as well I think. Though the color looks not so nice. All right. Let's look at some other pictures here, right, the lighting is good. The floors. Okay, the kitchen, set of stainless and

    granite countertop. But as we described earlier. Okay, that's, that's a lot of pictures that you can look at this property. So number 4. Okay, the kitchen looks good. Completely remodeled. Looks great as well. Let's see some other pictures here. Okay, the bathroom. Okay. Yeah, so I think the solid pictures that can be seen on that property, but let's try the last comparable property number 5. Okay, looks good well maintained. The living area is good. Alright, the lighting scan as well. Okay, the bathroom, kitchen. Stainless sink and granite countertop look good. The bathroom is Okay. All right, so, yep. Actually, those are the comparables for the subject property.

    We are advising it to make your own due diligence by visiting the place and then come up with your own rehab budget and check if you're able to come up closer to the numbers that we got here based on these comps. So thank you for watching and happy investing. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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