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Investment Deals

MLS Deal Finder specializes in automated valuation and instant identification of all kinds investment deals on the market. It analyzes all the properties on the market, and finds two main types of properties:

  1. Discounted properties - the system runs a sold CMA to determine its market value. If the property is priced under market value, the system will flag it as a discounted property. In most cases, these are properties owned by motivated sellers.
  2. Buy and Hold properties - the system will run a rental CMA to determine its rental value. If the property is deemed a good rental income property, the system will flag it and send you the CMA report. By searching by Rental Index, MLS Deal Finder provides a scientific way to find the best income property for buy and hold investors.

Here are what you will gain instantly when you subscribe to MLS Deal Finder:

  • Speed       - Automated system can run thousands of valuations in seconds.
  • Coverage - Because it's so fast, it can cover a large metropolitan area so you can stay on top of the market every hour, every day.
  • Analytics - Each deal comes with a CMA Report, complete with detailed information of the property, sold comps, rental comps, estimated market value, estimated discount, estimated rent, photos, and much more.


All these incredible advantages combine to give you a huge competitive edge in real estate investing - you can easily stay on top of your local market, receive property leads in real time, analyze them and place an offer before anyone else.

Now take a look at some types of investment deals we find:

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