CompsComps (CMA) Report

After you receive a property lead, you need to evaluate the property and analyze the comps to make sure it is indeed a good deal. To do that, you need to create a CMA Report.

MLS Deal Finder has done all the legwork for you by presenting an analytics reports that lets you to quickly evaluate the deals.

Every report comes with Sold Comps, so you can quickly see whether the estimated market value is real - based on the sold data, you can quickly evaluate the computer generated report and determine whether it is indeed a good deal.

Likewise, each report also comes with Rental Comps, which allows you to quickly understand how well the local rental market is performing.

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Better Organization

The CMA Report organizes the data of the subject property and the comps in an easy-to-read table format to enable fast decision making.

In addition to the Sold and Rental Comps, each deal comes with a CMA report that includes the Listing Price, Estimated Market Value, Listing Agent Remarks, Property Photos, and much more, allowing you to quickly make Go/No-Go decisions.

Our technology also has a feature that allows you insert your professional opinion on the comps: based on the data and information provided, you can quickly adjust the comps, and choose the ones you think are the best comps for your property valuation analysis. This will in turn adjust the estimated price and estimated monthly lease, helping you make decisions faster.

Quality Data

MLS Deal Finder provides quality data through an MLS feed. The Data is uploaded directly from the MLS systems, which has been continually and carefully screened for data quality. The information is 100% updated and consistent with the MLS.

Excerpt of Comps Report, Rental Comps
Augment the human mind with automated comps report.

Intelligence Augmentation

Real estate deal are complex transactions, and we believe that the best way to analyze a deal is to combine the speed of computer automation and the intelligence of real estate experts.

Automation allows computer algorithms to do repetitive tasks with speed; also, when there is less human involvement when organizing information, there is lower probability of data errors.

By automating the CMA processes and presenting the findings in a easy-to-read Comps report, you can analyze deals much faster, so you can act on the deals faster than your competition.

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